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Golf TPI Assessment at OT&P

Optimising your golf game while preventing golf-related injuries

BodyWorX: Your Partner in Golf

At BodyWorX, a key part of OT&P Healthcare, we support golfers at every level. Whether you're navigating the recovery path from an injury, seeking pain management solutions, or striving to optimise your physical health, our physiotherapists are here to offer you a bespoke treatment program designed to meet your unique needs.

Our Physiotherapists are a multidisciplinary team that covers an extensive range of services, including Injury Rehabilitation, Sports Physiotherapy, and Post-Surgery Rehab.

TPI Body Screening and Golf Swing Analysis

Elevating Your Golf Game Through Expert Assessment

Our TPI Body Screening is a specialised 17-step physical assessment tailored for golfers. It's designed to scrutinise your overall health and fitness levels, focusing on critical elements for golf: flexibility, stability, and mobility.
Starting at HKD 2,000 per assessment, each session comprises of 16 tests. 

The screening includes (but not limited to) assessments on:

Our understanding of the biomechanics of a golf swing enables us to spot physical limitations that could be affecting your performance or causing injury. We aim to ensure your body is well-prepared and conditioned for the sport, helping you achieve a harmonious and effective golf swing.

Golf-Specific Rehabilitation and Preventative Care

BodyWorX offers specialised rehabilitation and preventative care for golfers. Our targeted rehabilitation services are designed to efficiently address golf-related injuries like golfer’s elbow, aiding your swift and thorough recovery to the sport you love.

Simultaneously, our preventative care focuses on maintaining physical health and preventing future injuries. This is particularly beneficial for golfers over 45, helping them sustain mobility, flexibility, and strength for an enhanced golf experience.

Whether recovering from injury or seeking to prevent one, our programs are tailored to keep you active and enjoying golf at any age.

golfer sitting on physio ball
physio analysing golf swing

Optimising Performance for Golfers

In the pursuit of golfing excellence, BodyWorX offers specialised programs aimed at optimising your performance. We recognise that the essence of a great golf game lies not just in skill, but in the physical readiness of the player. Our services are specifically designed to fine-tune your body's mechanics for golf, focusing on the nuances that make a significant difference on the course.

Our expert physiotherapists provide personalised assessments and interventions, ensuring that your physical enhancements align with your golfing goals. Whether achieving a smoother golf swing, greater golf swing speed, or better balance, our targeted strategies are designed to bring out your best performance.

Optimise Your Golf Game Today

Book a TPI assessment at OT&P to enhance your performance on the course and play to your potential

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