Joint Replacement

    Restore Range of Motion

    Healthy Joints to Maintain Mobility

    Joints play an important role in giving bodies mobility. It’s estimated there are between 250 and 350 joints in the body, allowing us to carry out different activities. When joints become worn or damaged, the range of mobility is reduced and chronic joint pain can impact the quality of life.

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    When Do You Need To Replace a Joint?

    When other non-surgical treatments have failed to cure persistent joint pain and enhance joint mobility, joint replacement surgery is considered.

    Common conditions requiring joint replacement:
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    Joint Replacement Procedures

    Joint replacement surgery entails removing damaged cartilage from both sides of the joint, then resurfacing it with a metal and plastic replacement implant that performs similarly to your natural joint. Common joint surgeries include:

    • Total Joint Replacement Surgery - Also known as arthroplasty, this surgery is a treatment that includes removing a portion or all of a damaged joint and replacing it with artificial implants.
    • Hip Replacement Surgery - An anterior hip replacement is a less invasive approach for implanting a hip replacement. Partial hip replacement is another type of surgery whereby only the ball of the hip is replaced and not the socket.
    • Knee Replacement Surgery - During knee replacement, damaged tissue is removed, existing regions are resurfaced, and prosthetic pieces are implanted into the injured compartment(s) of the knee.
    • Shoulder Replacement Surgery - The ball and socket positions in the joint are exchanged and artificial parts are used in their place. At the shoulder blade, a prosthetic ball is surgically connected, and an artificial socket is inserted at the top of the upper arm bone.

    Advanced Robotic-Assisted Procedures

    Learn about how our robotic-assisted orthopaedic surgeries offer more precision, flexibility and control with joint replacement.


    Joint Treatment at OT&P BodyWorX

    If you experience limited joint mobility or chronic pain we can help. OT&P BodyWorX consists of a multidisciplinary team of best-in-class physios, osteopaths, sports medicine specialists, orthopaedic surgeons, and nutritionists.

    We work with our patients to diagnose and find the best treatment and recovery plan for any joint pain.

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