Sports Medicine

    Enhancing performance and physical well-being while recognising and preventing sports-related injuries.

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    What is Sports Medicine?

    Traditional management of sports-related injuries is usually a reactive process. We place proactive prevention and holistic care at the forefront – looking at all the risk factors that contribute to present and future injuries.

    The members of our Sports Medicine department are highly trained and experienced in providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date sports medicine treatments for patients of all ages. We examine every situation individually to make sure you have the right support, physically and psychologically, to get up and active again.

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    Trusted by athletes & organisations

    Our sports medicine doctors are nationally and internationally recognised for their expertise in managing, preventing and treating sports injuries. We’ve offered our expertise for the following sports & associations

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    Getting you back on your feet

    Whether you are a weekend warrior, professional athlete or just want to get back into shape — we can help you increase sports performance in a way that meets your individual goals whilst keeping you active & injury-free.

    Our Sports Medicine Doctors

    The Sports Rehabilitation Process

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    Our Approach to Active Rehabilitation

    As a practice, OT&P believes in the active process of rehabilitation. By taking this proactive stance towards the recovery process, athletes don’t have to stop training for the sports they love. Instead, rehabilitation programmes  are individually modified and tailored to aid your recovery from sports injuries.

    These rehabilitation programmes include training in water, zero-gravity and more. Helping you get back to the gym, field, court or swimming pool faster and stronger.

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    Multidisciplinary Sports Medicine Support & Assistance

    We focus on a holistic and integrated approach to sports medicine. When necessary, OT&P Healthcare sports medicine  will work with physiotherapists, nutritionists and orthopaedic specialists to supplement your injury prevention and recovery plans.

    To optimise your overall health & wellness, we can also refer you to our Wellness & Functional Medicine team. Or if you’re looking to improve mental performance, motivation and injury recovery, we can introduce you to our MindWorX clinic. Together, our multidisciplinary clinics can develop a personalised programme to assist with remaining healthy, strong and injury-free.

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    Individual Physical Assessments & Treatment Plans

    We pay very careful attention to everyone’s unique needs for the most appropriate and tailored rehabilitation service. 

    From your initial sports medicine consultation, we’ll approach injury prevention and rehabilitation holistically. Our goal is to optimise the underlying biomechanics of your body’s functionality by looking at the foundations first and building up from there.

    Our Specialities

    OT&P’s sports medicine practitioners offer a wide range of care for sports-related injuries, prevention management, treatments and rehabilitation. Common sports-related injuries we prevent and treat are:

    For more information about our scope of service, please contact us.
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